Zanzibar West Cultural Tour (Full day; lunch incl.)

Starting with Marahubi and Mtoni Palace, which were the Sultan’s two first residences before moving to Bububu to visit the Old Persian bath, the journey will then continue to Mangapwani, the word “Mangapwani” means “Arab Coast,” a direct reference to the Slave Trade. This part of the tour highlights not only the depth of Human misery but also the strength of endurance as these poor souls were trapped against their in horrendous heat and conditions awaiting transfer to foreign parts. Next our path leads us to Mkokotoni Fishing market where we have time to question local fishermen about the numerous species of fish to be found in the turquoise waters and also to enquire into their ancient but highly successful techniques. Then we proceed to Fukuchani Ruins to see one of the Old Portuguese Forts. Finally we learn the techniques for building a Dhow, we will travel to Kidoti to learn how to make the hand made iron nails and then to Nungwi village to see how they lay out and construction those magnificent ancient vessels. To end up the day excursion by a sunset drinks at the famous Cholo Beach Bar in Nungwi.

Dhow Sunset Cruise (17:00 – 19:30)

The Dhow is a traditional sailing boat of the type used for centuries for carrying cargo between Zanzibar and the Arabian Gulf. She has been converted into a beautifully restored sailing vessel, which will give you an insight into the real Zanzibar. She is equipped with safety equipment, sunshade, snorkeling equipment and boarding ladder.

She is approximately 40 feet long and a crew of 6 will ensure your safety and comfort on board. Sit back and relax, enjoy the Zanzibar breezes and crystal clear turquoise waters. Try your hand at fishing with a local fisherman, have lunch on a sandbank, swim and snorkel. Every day we offer a sunset cruise or an island hop including drinks and food. Private charters are also available on request.




Jozani Forest Red Colobus Monkey Tour (Half day)
Once the whole of the Island was covered in a rich tapestry of swamp forest, evergreen thicket and mangrove now all that remains is Jozani Forest. Despite this fact Jozani still boasts an eclectic Bio-diversity, with many strange and wonderful animals residing in and below the canopy of old giants.

Red Colobus monkeys are the most famous inhabitants of the forest; sub-species only found on this island, they can be seen calmly lazing around or fooling amongst themselves in the branches, their red coats a reminder of British colonial rule. But keep your eyes open and you may be lucky enough to see a Zanzibar Leopard!

Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour (Half Day)

(Half Day) Kizimkazi nestles snuggly on the Southern tip of the Island, it offers idyllic snorkeling and coastal views and an ideal starting point to spot Bottlenose and spinner dolphins. These magnificent animals school in the rich hunting grounds of the cove, employing their cunning to feed their growing appetites.

Dolphins are frequently seen in this cove but like all wild animals there is never a guarantee that they will appear. An optional Zanzibari Lunch can be arranged, a great chance to try some of the local dishes.



Historical Stonetown City Tour (Half day)
Discover the historic charms of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Stonetown. Our flexible City Tour can include choices of visits to the Darajani Market, Slave Market and Anglican Church, an insight to the architecture and famous Zanzibari Doors, Old German Consulate, High Court, Tip Tip House, Former English Gentleman’s Club, Livingstone House, Old Fort, House of Wonders, Sultan’s Palace, National Museum, and much more…


Spices & Fruits Tasting Tour(Half day)

Since centuries Zanzibar has not only been known for its infamous Slave Trade, but as well as the Spices Island. No trip to Zanzibar can be considered complete without a visit to one of our carefully selected Spices farm; our spices tour offers the opportunity to indulge your senses with a kaleidoscope of smells, tastes and textures. From the punch of a chilli to the refreshing succulence of green coconut flesh, we promise that this tour will awaken your senses. It also provides you with the unique opportunity to purchase these exclusive spices straight from the source.



Stonetown Shopping (Afternoon)

Our guides will take you throughout the small streets of Stonetown, help you bargain your souvenirs and antics to take back home. Ideally combined with Prison Island and the Dhow Sunset Cruise.

Prison Island & Giant Tortoises (Half day)

A relaxing day on a small island, on the western coast, Changu island has quite of a history. It was a private place of detention for recalcitrant slaves. Built in 1883, thus its name “Prison Island”. The jail was never in great use, and the ruins can still be seen. The island has become a small tourist resort, where you can relax, walk around see the Giant Aldabara Tortoises or beautiful peacocks, swim or snorkel around the coral reefs.



Safari Blue (Full day; all inclusive)

Experience the best boat excursion in Zanzibar, departure from the village of Fumba in South West Zanzibar and we will take you to see the dolphins, sandbanks, Islands and coral reefs of Menai Bay, a beautiful conservation area. Safari Blue is a full day and includes top quality snorkeling equipment with guides and instructors, ice cold sodas, mineral water and beer, a delicious Zanzibari seafood lunch with grilled fish and slipper lobster gastronomic fruit tasting, coffee and Amarula liqueur. We round the day off by returning to Fumba by traditional lateen sail.